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Can I postpone one of my instalments ?


If you have the option to postpone the due date of your instalment, the option will be visible in your account.


In the section My payments, by clicking on Postpone, you will have the opportunity to be able to postpone your instalment automatically by paying a service fee (€1 for 7 days, €2 for 14 days and €3 for one month).

For the clients from Portugal, it will cost €0.70 for 7 days, €1 for 14 days and €1.2 for one month. However, you will not be able to postpone the last instalment of your payment plan for a pay-in-4 order.

Please note that the rescheduling option will only be visible on some installments starting 14 days before the installment due date.


Immagine 2023-08-03 160633.png

Immagine 2023-08-03 160838.png


CAUTION : For example, if you postpone your second instalment on May 12 by one month, you will have to pay the second and third instalments together on the same day, that would be June 12.


The fee payment will not be immediate; it will be added to the amount of the instalment you postponed. You will find your new updated payment plan in your account.


Also, please note that the system will no longer allow us to offer the free on-demand postponement service as before.


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