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How can I add a new card?


Before anything else, we kindly advise you to verify that the card is enabled for online payments.

Sometimes, it happens that cards are not enabled yet, you just need to check with your bank.


How to add a new debit or credit card : 

  •  Log in to your Scalapay account with your phone number.
  •  Select Account from the menu. 
  • Scroll to the Payment Method section.
  • Press the Add button.


  • Insert your card details and click on Confirm.



How can make sure that I will be charged on my new default card ? 

  • If you have entered more than one card in your account, the automatic charge will be made on the card set up as default. 
  • However, if the automatic payment fails, the system will try to collect your instalment from any other card present in your account. Don’t worry then if you see a payment on a different card, it’s possible that the previous payment has been refused on your default card. 


How do I know if my card is the default one ? 

  • You will see a green tick close to the card selected as default


How do I change my default card ? 

  • You can set a different default card simply by rotating the phone horizontally to see the options (if you are using your phone): 


We remind you that it’s not possible to remove a card (even if it’s blocked, stolen or lost) before having paid all the instalments of the account.

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