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My order was not approved

If you have any doubt and want to check your order status, please click here


We inform you that each order is automatically evaluated by our systems at the time of your purchase based on various parameters. However these factors are not linked to the availability on your card. 


However, to ensure your maximum safety, our customer service is not able to provide you with a detailed explanation of the reasons for the refusal.


Our suggestions:

  • Very often it may be your bank that refuses the transaction so we advise you to contact them for further clarifications.
  • If you have the possibility, we also encourage you to try to make your purchase with a different card.
  • If you have overdue instalments in your Scalapay account, you will not be able to make new purchases until you pay your instalments.


If you have already tried everything and the order is still refused:

Unfortunately you will not be able to use Scalapay for the moment, we encourage you to try again in the future!



Our systems automatically assess your ability to make purchases at checkout, based on many different factors (click here to learn more).


We remind you that your ability to make purchases with Scalapay does not depend on the coverage or ceiling of your card.


  • If you have never used Scalapay:
    • Your ability to make purchases may initially be limited and will increase over time if you continue to use Scalapay and pay on time. Here is what you can try to:
    • Use a credit card to complete your purchase (our security systems always keep your details safe)
    • Reduce the total amount of your cart.
  • If you have already made other purchases with Scalapay:
    • Pay one or more of the scheduled instalments.
    • Reduce the amount of your order.


  • If after trying all of this I am still denied the order, what can I do?
    • We remind you that in any case, we cannot guarantee that your order will be accepted.
    • If you continue to receive the same message, unfortunately you will not be able to use Scalapay to complete your purchase.
    • However, you can try using Scalapay for purchases again in the future.


  • Why is my first installment higher than the other 2?
    • The first installment is higher than the others when your purchasing power is insufficient to buy via Scalapay but we still give you the possibility to finalize your order by immediately paying the difference between your spending limit and your order.
    • Don't worry, the total amount of your order remains the same, it's only the first instalment that is higher while the others are lower, as you can see in this example:


  • What if I don't agree and want all 3 equal instalments?
    • Unfortunately, it will not be possible to modify them, we already give you the possibility of being able to buy even if your Scalapay purchasing power is too low.

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