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How can I verify my identity?

In order to verify your identity, you must follow the verification procedure requested of you at the time of payment confirmation, by uploading

  • colour photos of the original of a valid document: ID card, passport or driving licence
  • a photo of your face (selfie).

To avoid delaying your activation process, please upload clear photos with clearly legible data.

Please note that your identity must match the data entered in your account.


How to take a selfie



Take a photo of your face and make sure that your face is well lit. Look into the camera and include your face and shoulders, similar to a passport photo.


Don't take a photo of a photo and avoid uploading photos where there are other people or your whole face is not visible.


Do not crop the same photo as the one on your document as this will not be accepted by our systems.


How to photograph the document


It is important that all the corners of the document are visible, so we suggest that you place it on a flat surface before taking the photo (avoid holding it in your hand as it may bend and be difficult to see).


Focus the document well and avoid reflections by removing any protective covers or plastic sleeves.

For each of the following alternatives, follow the instructions carefully:


  • Identity card in paper format: a photograph of the inside (the one with the photo and personal data) and one of the outside, both with the document open, is required.
  • Driving licence: photographs of the front and back of the document are required.
  • passport: only one photograph is required, that of the page containing your details.  


Here are some tips to ensure that your identity verification process is approved:

  • Take a sharp, colour, non-blurry photo of your ID; every detail must be legible without blurring
  • Do not take a photo of another photo
  • Take photos in a well-lit location
  • Turn off the flash to avoid reflections on the documents
  • Remove the ID card from the holder before taking the picture
  • Place your ID on a flat surface before taking your photo
  • Make sure that the information on your Scalapay profile matches the information on your ID.


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