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How does the charging of my installments take place?

Instalments are charged automatically to the card you have selected as 'default' in your account. 


Which card is set as default ? 

In your Account section, you can see that the default card has a green tick next to it.

We kindly remind you that it’s not possible to have 2 or more default cards. 




How and when are my installments charged ?  

The instalments are charged each month for 3 months, the first charge takes place on the day of the purchase, then one month and two months later.

The payments are charged automatically by midnight on the due date. If you don’t see the payment during the day, that’s normal, it’s not midnight yet don’t worry


What if the charge fails ? 

 If an automatic payment fails, the system will  try to collect your instalment from any other cards you may have on your account.

If you see a payment in a different card from the default one then, most likely the transaction was refused on the first one.


 However, if the payment is still refused or you just have only one card in your account, we will send you an email to inform you about the situation and you will have the choice between paying on your own or waiting 48 hours for a new attempt. 


Is it possible to add someone else's card ? 

Sure, you can add a family member’s card, a friend’s card or another person’s card but we remind you that once added the card, it won’t be possible to remove it before having paid all the outstanding instalments present in your account. 


What if I had an unforeseen situation instead and wanted to postpone my instalment?

Please click on this link for more information.

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