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How does the onboarding process work?

How long does the onboarding process take? 

The onboarding process can take approximately 3 to 8 working days from the date of company registration via the Scalapay form. For complex company structures, the duration of the process may vary.

What documents are needed?

The main documents required are: 

  • Up-to-date Chamber of Commerce certificate 
  • Coloured identity document (CIE, Passport, Driving licence)
  • Tax code

After registration you will be contacted by email with a request for additional documentation.

How will I be contacted?

You will receive an email containing all the information you need to complete the activation process and a video tutorial for filling out the form for proper verification. We will use the email address you provided during registration. 

How is the contract signed?

Once the customer's due diligence is complete, you will receive the contract to be digitally signed via DocuSign by email. 

What happens when onboarding is completed?

Once the onboarding process (proper customer verification + contract signing) is complete, you will be contacted via email by our integration team who will provide you with login credentials to your seller portal and integrate Scalapay as a payment method on your website or physical shop.

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