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Automatic reports

What's a report?

Reports are CSV file containing all orders received during the selected time period. 



You can choose to receive reports with 3 time frames (every day, every Monday or every month) through:

  • Email: at the email address used to access Merchant Portal
  • SFTP: on your company server


How can I set-up a Report?

  • Go on the "Report" section of your Merchant Portal and click on "Add a report".


  • You can then choose to receive it via email or directly on you a folder on your company server via SFTP.



Report via email

To receive the report through email you just have to click on "Email". You then receive the report at the address with which you access on the Merchant Portal.
Before saving, choose the frequency with which you want to receive the report: daily, weekly or monthly. 

You'll receive an email with the link to export the file.

Report via SFTP

Select “SFTP” and fill in the data for the server connection. Your IT can help you collect the info you need. Scalapay will use the data you fill in to connect directly at the folder you find in the field "Path”. 


Make sure that Scalapay has writing rights on the folder you choose.  

It's advisable that writing access be limited to the folder needed by Scalapay. Furthermore Scalapay will connect only to the IP addresses indicated in the portal during configuration. Make sure that connection to your server is active for those addresses.
We remind you that Scalapay is not responsible for unauthorized accesses to your servers.



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