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I have not received my refund yet

I have not received the confirmation email from Scalapay yet


Scalapy doesn’t have any visibility of the status of your return and refund so if you haven’t received our email of successful refund yet, please contact the store in which you made  your purchase to ensure they have received the item and authorized Scalapay to issue the refund. If you have already tried to contact the vendor unsuccessfully, please reach out to us and we will try to get in touch with them.


I received the confirmation email from Scalapay but I don’t see the refund on my account


From the moment you receive the email from Scalapay regarding a successful refund, it could take up to 10 working days before the money is visible on your account.


Only the instalments that you have paid will be refunded; the instalments which have not been paid yet will simply be cancelled.


If after 10 working days you don’t see the refund yet in your account , contact us by clicking here.


Remember that the refund will be issued to the card used for the purchase. If this card is by any chance cancelled or not available anymore, you must contact your bank directly. Scalapay cannot issue refunds on other cards. 


I have made a return but the instalments are still active


Your instalments will remain active until the merchant authorizes a refund to Scalapay. Unfortunately we do not have any visibility on the status of returns. You will receive a confirmation email as soon as the store has authorized your refund. Please contact the store for more information on the status of your return. 

The seller has cancelled my order because the item is not available but I still have not received my refund

If you have not yet received the confirmation email for a successful refund from Scalapay, please get in touch with the vendor directly in order to figure out what the timing of your refund is. If you are not able to contact the store, please reach out to us here


Refund on a card that is cancelled or expired


If the refund is issued on a card that has expired or has been cancelled, you must contact your bank directly, who will transfer the money to your account.

In the case of Postepay for amounts of less than €1,000, the Post Office will automatically issue a direct debit transfer in your name, which you must collect directly from the post office. Please ask the post office if there is a direct debit transfer in your name (we advise you to wait 5 working days after receiving the confirmation email from Scalapay before going to the post office). 

Should they not be able to trace your refund, we advise you to contact the Poste Italiane assistance (via Facebook) providing the ARN code for your refund, which will be provided by our assistance.


Important: very often Poste Italiane staff are not informed about these procedures, so we invite you to contact the Poste Italiane customer care directly.

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