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How many barcodes can I create?

You can only create one barcode at a time. 

Please note that when the barcode is created, Scalapay will make an authorisation on your card equal to the amount of the first instalment based on the total instalment amount requested. This authorisation will block the amount on your account until you use the barcode or until the barcode expires after 60 minutes.

You can delete your barcode at any time by clicking the 'Delete barcode' button and create a new one.




If you do not use your barcode within 10 minutes or decide to delete it, the authorisation on your card will be released immediately and the amount will be available on your account again.  


Depending on your bank, it may take 1-3 days for the amount to be available on your account again. Contact your bank for more information.

We recommend that you only create a barcode when completing a purchase.

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