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How does Scalapay work in store?

Scalapay also offers its service of deferred payment in 3 monthly instalments directly in the shop!

You can find the complete list of shops offering Scalapay here

To use this service called In store, you need to generate a barcode (which you must present at the checkout) directly from your Scalapay account.

You can register for Scalapay in just a few clicks from the following Registration link.


Read the instructions for buying in store below.


Once you have registered and logged into your account, from the In store section of the menu you will need to follow the steps required to generate your barcode:

  • Enter a payment method
  • Select the shop where you are buying
  • Enter the amount you wish to defer
  • Confirm the payment plan

=== a screen will appear with your barcode, which you will be asked for at the checkout. 

From that moment, the amount of the first instalment will be fixed on your card until you use the barcode for a maximum time of 10 minutes (after which the barcode will expire).


The actual debit of the first instalment will then only occur when you have your barcode scanned at the checkout.

Can I delete my barcode?

If you decide not to use your barcode, you can delete it directly from your Scalapay account at any time without waiting 10 minutes. As soon as you delete your barcode, the authorisation on your card will immediately be cancelled and the amount will be available on your account again.


What happens if I exceed the 10 minutes?

Your barcode will automatically be deleted and the amount of the first instalment, which was in pre-authorisation status until then, will be released to your account.

Please note that the re-credit timing does not depend on Scalapay.

Can I delete my barcode to generate another one for a higher amount?

There are no restrictions on deleting and generating other barcodes. Please note that each time you confirm a payment plan, the first instalment is blocked and then released when you cancel the barcode. We therefore advise you to check directly with your bank. 


How does it work if the amount of my spending exceeds my barcode?

Remember that you will not be able to spend more than the amount you have requested; if you wish to spend more, you will have to delete the barcode and generate a new one.


How does it work if the amount of my shopping is less than my barcode?

Once at the checkout, the shop will enter the correct amount of your shopping and your payment plan will be updated automatically. The difference between the initial amount of the first instalment and the actual amount will be credited back to your card.

We recommend that you generate your barcode before going to the checkout to ensure that your deferment request is approved.

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