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How do I issue a refund?

Important: Use Chrome or Safari to process your refund.

In your Sales panel you will find a Refund button for each order placed on your e-commerce. 




Clicking on it, a window will open where you can enter the total or partial amount of the refund and confirm the action by entering your password.




IMPORTANT: If your e-commerce platform has the integrated returns functionality, once you have processed the refund in your e-commerce, the refund on Scalapay will take place automatically. If you are not sure, always check on the Scalapay portal that the first refunds issued have been successful.

Which amount should I enter?

You must enter the actual amount of the refund.

Can I change the amount of the refund once it has been issued?

Once the refund has been issued, it is not possible to cancel/change the transaction.

How does the customer-side refund work?

For more information on how customer refunds work, please read the following article:

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