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Why has my verification been rejected?

Some of the possible reasons why your documents were rejected include, but are not limited to:

  1. The four corners of your document were not clearly visible.
  2. Your documents were blurred or illegible. 
  3. You did not upload both sides of the verification document.
  4. The data on your document did not match the data provided in your Scalapay account.
  5. Your photo is a photo of a photo or it is the same photo that appears on the document.


Try re-verifying it by following the instructions below:

  1. Take a sharp colour, non-blurry photo of your ID; every detail must be legible without blurring
  2. Do not take a photo of another photo
  3. Take photos in a well-lit location
  4. Turn off the flash to avoid reflections on the documents
  5. remove the ID card from the document holder before taking the photo
  6. Make sure that the information on your Scalapay profile matches the information on your ID card
  7. Take a selfie of your face. Do not take photos of other people and avoid uploading photos where there are other people or your whole face is not visible.


Make sure you read the instructions on how to take photos carefully before proceeding with verification again.

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