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How much does Scalapay cost?

How much does it cost me?

Scalapay is completely free for those who buy, provided that instalments are paid within the agreed deadline.

You will only be charged a late payment fee if one or more of the planned instalments are not paid by the due date.

Scalapay will remind you a few days before the expiry date of each instalment via SMS and email.

Late commissions 

If you have not made the payment before the due date and the automatic payment is not successful you will have 24 hours to complete the payment. If this does not happen, Scalapay will charge a fee for late payment as explained below:

  • Payment made by the due date = No extra charge!
  • Payment made more than 1 day late = up to 6 euros in additional charges
  • Payment made with more than 9 days = EUR 6 additional costs (in addition to the first fee, up to a maximum of EUR 12 per payment)

The total cost of the commissions will not exceed 15% of the total value of the order (second and third instalment).

We are aware that there may be certain circumstances that do not allow payments to be made on time. If you think your case falls into these categories, send an email to before the payment deadline and we will do our best to help you.

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