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I am exceeding my purchasing power, what can I do?

Please note that our systems assess your purchasing power at the time of payment according to many different factors.

If you are a new customer and have never purchased with Scalapay, your purchasing power may be reduced and will increase over time if you buy again with Scalapay without incurring late payments. 


Please note that your purchasing power does not depend on the availability of your card.

How can I increase my purchasing power?

To increase your purchasing power immediately, you can try one of the following actions (however, we cannot guarantee that your order will be approved).

  • Try using a credit card to complete your purchase. Please note that we use advanced security systems and your details are always safe.
  • If you have already made other purchases with Scalapay, try repaying one or more of your instalments.
  • Try reducing the amount of your order.

If you continue to receive the same message, we are sorry but you will not be able to use Scalapay to complete your purchase and will have to use a different payment method.

You can try using Scalapay again in the future.


Why is the first instalment higher than the other two?

In some cases, Scalapay may give you the option to complete your order by paying the difference between your purchasing power and your order: the first instalment will therefore be higher than the other two. The total amount will remain unchanged.


The amount of the order does not change; simply the instalments are recalculated and the second and third instalments are lower.


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